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20 hilarious letters to Santa!

20 hilarious letters to Santa!

It's that time of year again.

The tinsel is out, the tree is up, and the children have started asking funny, cute or awkward questions or gifts from Santa Claus. 

We really enjoy the stupidly cute things kids say when they still believe in Christmas. A really wonderful part of childhood is telling stories, and these are what make it distinct from adulthood. Stories are what give meaning to existence and allow us to make sense of the world.

Let's see whats their biggest wishes at Xmas. 


1 – We need an architect!


Leo is worried that his mom’s chimney won’t be big enough for Santa to pass through. He's been really considerate.

2 – No one likes an incomplete present.

DK points out a problem we all faced. Makes sense.

3 – Sometimes it’s bad to delegate.  

Claire writes a letter on behalf of her brother Mitch. Careful kid, Mitch has a bad temper.

4 – Trenton. Very good child. 

And quite the rock star, check out his (long) list for Santa!

 5 – Nitya deserves a dog.

She deserves more than a bunny.

6 – #interviewSanta!

Timothy would be a great contestant in our #interviewSanta Christmas Contest!

7 – Manners first. 

How many kids remember to thank for the previous year’s presents? Beautiful handwriting.

 8 – All presents are welcome…

… but the ones inside circles are more welcome than the others!

9 – No emotional threats.

Porter knows how to spell Shih Tzu, but is not so sure about “gerl!” 


10 – Another #interviewSanta contestant!

Devin has a lot of good questions for Santa. He’d sure have chances to win our #interviewSanta Christmas Contest!

11- The cool kid who doesn't have time for Christmas or Santa.

1. The kid who doesn’t have time for Christmas or Santa...

12- That's the deal!

“Dear Santa, I like you. Do you like me? I would like a DS Mario please. Next year I will give you money. How does that sound? Pretty cool. It does to me. That’s the deal.”

…it does sound cool Graham, it does.

2. The tike who will one day convince you to buy a house site unseen... That's the deal!

13- I'm fine. I just want to become a dragon.

3. The kid who’s sick of being a kid

14- The kid who demands PROOF!

6. The kid who demands PROOF!

15 - The kid will likely grow up to be an attorney that specializes in prenuptial agreements.

“For Christmas I would like a $100, $50 gift card to somewhere I like, on a note signed by my parents saying that I am allowed to paint my nails. Sincerely, Kailyn. p.s. The $50 gift card can’t be to any fool places and it has to already have money on it.”

7. The kid will likely grow up to be an attorney that specializes in prenuptial agreements.


16- This kid has every intention of being a cop one day. 

9. This kid has every intention of being a cop one day.

17- "I want whatever I want, you fix it with your elves" "I love you...ain't that nice?" 
10. The kid intends to revolutionize the way that babies pee!
18- YES
13. This young bling enthusiast...
19- Whats the story behind 5.3 billion?
“Dear Santa Claus, I am so sorry of what I did in the past and thank you for the Christmas letter. I love it. But what I want for Christmas this year is 5.3 billion dollars. Pleas rite another letter this year. I love you.”
16. This financial whiz kid will settle for a cool billion if Santa doesn’t feel like writing back.
20- Great kid
“I picked up 12 piles of dog poop,” he reveals.

17. Could this be written by the future head of a sanitation department? I think so.

We all miss the days when we believed in Santa like kids do.
Be the Santa of your loved ones.
You are their most precious gift. 


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