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Rainy Day Horror Story: The Blinded Man

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Rainy Day Horror Story: The Blinded Man

Driving in rain, whether a sprinkle or a heavy downpour, can be one of the most difficult driving situations a driver encounters. Rainy conditions are directly associated with higher accident rates.

Staying safe while driving in the rain is simple if you make a conscious effort to employ some safety precautions such as reducing your speed, turning on your lights, avoid making sudden turns, avoid heavy braking, maintain a distance of several car lengths between your car and other vehicle, use your windshield wipers, or even pull over onto the side and waits for the storm to move on a little. After all, safety always comes first, you can never be too careful driving.








Besides all these mentioned above, how do you deal with your side mirrors? Does it bother you when your side mirror get very blur during rainy days?

We've interviewed some experienced drivers. Here are the answers:

1. Using water repellents. This is a pretty good way except that the effect only lasts for a few days or weeks at most. Sometimes you just forgot to apply it and then, surprise! The rain starts to pour! Bummer.

2. Wipe the mirror clean with a cloth. Sure it helps when the rain is not too heavy. Another sure thing is that the rain drops faster than the way you wave your arm. :)

3. Use hydrophilic mirror. Suggested. Congrats if you are using this kind of mirror, but this is not applicable to every car model.

4. Side mirror shade, which helps to some degree but makes it inconvenient when folding side mirrors. It's no big deal cause we don't fold side mirrors very often. The problem is it only helps when the rain is not heavy.

5. Demister pads. 

6.Saliva. Yeah. Impressive.

There's gotta be a better solution, right?

A solution that keeps your side mirrors dry and clean, allows you to see clearly and ensure you and others safety. Something that actually works, easy to apply, easy to remove, cost-effective, and durable. Does it exist?


This Nano hydrophilic technology anti-rain anti-glare anti-fog anti-dust side mirror protective film is all you need! 

❤Step 1: Clean the mirror surface and spray water on it;
❤Step 2: Tear off the first protective membrane, spray water on it and paste to the mirror; 
❤Step 3: Use the spatula to gently scrape off the bubbles and tear off the other membrane.
Tips: There are several size. You can freely cut it into pieces as needed




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