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Black Friday? Guess how many ****s I give? None!

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Black Friday? Guess how many ****s I give? None!

With Black Friday around the corner, it's hard not to feel overwhelmed by all the advertisements, coupons, and discounts being thrown in our faces. You hate it, but you feel like you can’t resist it. 

So here are some super practical tips for you. Sounds cliché? Just continue reading.

I'm not gonna tell you things like make a list, bring your own shopping bag to save time, bring your own food and drinks to avoid the food courts blah blah blah. People who offer those tips need to wake up, its 2018, humans evolve. Here we go:

1. DONT go to the mall.

Believe it not(better believe), here is the truth: the best bargain will not be available on that day. Black Friday is for the retailers to go from the red into the black. It's not really for people to get great deals on the most popular products. It's an excuse for retailers to offload as much merchandise as possible and drive families to stores after Thanksgiving.

In exchange for a few cheap loss leaders, consumers spend countless hours in traffic, in line or camping out. Besides, those who spend more in an effort to 'keep up' end up paying the price later.

Stay home on this day to shut this idiocracy down, be skeptical, peaceful, whatever, and enjoy your day by doing something else. 

2. Shop smarter and shop what you need when you actually need them.

Some people shop because they like to look around. If you're one of those, realize that you probably have a shopping habit you need to break. Think about it. If you can't think of anything you need right now, why put a whole bunch of stuff in front of your eyes that you'll want to purchase? Break this just-for-fun shopping habit.  

If you are buying cause you're depressed and you get a high from purchasing stuff, it's not gonna help, we all know that this feeling of depress grows stronger after that.

If you are buying cause you are exposed to too much advertising, welcome to the trap.

Advertising is good, you get to see new stuffs and good ideas. However, when it becomes overwhelming, be cautious. Some people are just stuck in their ways and have been brainwashed into believing that credit cards and debt are an unavoidable part of life.

3. Buy online if you really need something.

Don‘t worry about if the sale will be closed soon. Some goods has higher price than others for a reason. Just think about what you need, check on websites and buy if the price is acceptable. Of all the habits i built , this is absolutely the most helpful one. 


That‘s it. That's how we deal with black friday. After all, it is a Friday and a Friday night is obviously something better!

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