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Chef’s Choice Kitchen Tool - Luxear Pizza Cutter Stainless Steel Wheel

pizza cutter -

Chef’s Choice Kitchen Tool - Luxear Pizza Cutter Stainless Steel Wheel

To real pizza lovers, Pizza is a magic word. Neapolitan Pizza, Chicago Pizza, New York-Style Pizza, Sicilian Pizza, Greek Pizza, California Pizza, Detroit Pizza, St. Louis Pizza, just love'em all! Better than most relationships, pizza is never boring - guaranteed satisfaction every single time!

But you know what is frustrating? Spending the time to create a mouthwatering pizza, sit at the table hoping to finally enjoy it, and here's a real bummer: it gets ruined by a dull pizza cutter or a knife, you don’t get to hear the crunch of the crust breaking, what you get is uneven slices with sparse toppings - the gooey cheese gets stuck to the blade while your favorite toppings get moved around!

Well, a good pizza cutter is worth the investment.  (Amazon's Choice:LUXEAR PIZZA WHEEL )

pizza cutter((Pic from:https://www.amazon.com/LUXEAR-Stainless-Dishwasher-Protective-Waffles/dp/B07WLNKQZB/)


Why is it better than a normal knife:

  • 1.Cut in Seconds: Thick or thin, meaty or cheesy, this sharp blade makes a clean cut in any crust pizza, it glides quickly and smoothly through your pizza, keeps the toppings on your pizza without any mess. Stop struggling with thick-crusted pizza and toppings sliding over the place, this pizza cutter slice through pizza with ease.  
  • 2.Easy Clean: We know exactly how frustrating it can be when sticky cheese leeches on blunt blades, leaving a hot nasty mess - it is no more a problem with luxear pizza cutter, it has a flawless finish, and you can disassemble it quickly, remove the wheel (please be careful handling the sharp blade) and wash away the tiny bit of food after using it to prevent any bacterial problems. It is also dishwasher safe, simply throw into the dishwasher and you’re done.
  • 3.Quality Material for Food Safety: Silicon+SS430 Stainless Steel+PP+ABS, BPA free and rust proof. The wheel won’t react to acidic ingredients like tomato sauce. It is a safe kitchen tool that comes in handy and can bring you years of happy memories around the dinner table.
  • 4.Protect Your Fingers: The high-quality stainless steel wheel is razor sharp but well protected with a blade guard cover when it’s not in use. When in use, it won’t wobble of buckle, it cuts safely, quickly and easily. The ergonomic silicon handle absorbs pressure, provides a firm grip and fits comfortably in your palm - it gives you better leverage for easier cutting and protect your fingers from heat and cuts.
  • 5.Multi-Usage: This versatile cutting tool is designed to make your time in the kitchen easier. More than a pizza cutter, it can be used to cutpastry, cake, pie, sandwich, quesadilla, pita, pasta noodles, dough, waffles, lasagna, fudge, cookie, calzone, vegetables and herbs. This handy kitchen gadget can be used for many kitchen chores.

Pizza cutter knowledge 1- What makes a pizza cutter cuts better than knife?
pizza wheel
Pizza cutter knowledge 2 - What else can you do with a pizza cutter?

Cut sandwiches into pieces,
Trim crust from toast,
Use as a pastry wheel to cut homemade pasta,
Cut play dough,
Cut pancakes or waffles into bite-sized pieces for kids,
Cut lemon bars,
Cut a quesadilla into halves or quarters,
Cut sandwiches into pieces,Mince herbs,
Make chopped salad by tossing ingredients in bowl and running Pizza Cutter through them,
Cut fudge,
Cut spaghetti into kid-size pieces




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