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This magical bath mat drys in 10 seconds! (This truly makes life easier!)

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This magical bath mat drys in 10 seconds! (This truly makes life easier!)


Bath mats is a household item that we don't typically notice. It's possible you've come this far in life without ever considering a bath mat. But the minute you find out you own a less-than-quality mat that stays sopping wet and causes you to track water all over the place is the minute you need to invest in a mat that will make your life easier.
Innocuous as they may seem, bath mats actually are important as they need to do a lot of things at once in regard of accident-proof our bathroom and keep the house clean:
1. They need to soak up water or deal with moisture, self-dry before mold and bacteria can set in.
2. They stay in one place without slipping and sliding around the bathroom to keep us from slipping and smashing our heads through the toilet.
3. They act as a temperature buffer for our feets between the hot shower and the ice cold floor.
4. They need to look nice(yes), smell fresh and stay clean.
Sure a bath mat is absolutely necessary(unless you are a foot dryer who wouldn't mind going through all the trouble of rushing out of the warm bathroom to fetch the towel and dry off completely before stepping on the bath mat).But with a variety of materials, styles, and purposes available, choosing the right one can require some deliberation. 
Is there a perfect bath mat which meet all the requirements? Check this video out!
This is a diatomite absorbent mat. Ultra absorbent, non-slippery, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, quick drying, odor elimination,nice looking - what more could we ask for in a bath mat??? Buy here  or  search “Diatomite” in our store for more choices.
How is it better than traditional bath mat?
1. Dries in 10 seconds!  Anyone who has ever emerged from the shower and onto a moist bath mat that's still wet from your previous shower (ugh) knows the icky feeling that comes with it. This mat soaks up water immediately. When your feet leave the mat, the wet footprints will disappear really fast, keeps floor dry and clean.
2. Super easy to clean. Imagine all the stains, hairs, dead skins from your feet hiding in your traditional bath mat - paradise for bacterial!  With this mat, as you've seen in the video, just wash with running water or wipe with a wet cloth, it will quickly dry and refresh itself.
3. Environmental-friendly and chemical free. Made from all natural diatomite without any chemical additives.
4. Sleek. Made with diatomite material, this bath mat is hard and sleek. (Not fluffy. Fluffy is lovely only when it means fluffy in a clean way, so it would be more suitable for the mat in your living room.) For bath mat, this quick-dry easy-clean diatomite mat wins. It is more hygienic, it relieves the burden of routine washing and cleaning for cloth or rubber bathmats, and keep germs out of your bathroom.

5. Non-slippery. When we take a shower, the splashes and drips from bathing do make the floor wet and slippery and that's dangerous. However traditional bath mats doesn't really help when sometimes they increase fall risk because they’re bulky and are likely to slide or flip up. Replace those types of mats with this one. It is non-slippery at all.



1. There might be some powders on the surface when you open the package for the first time. It is normal. Just wipe with a wet cloth.

2. Put the mat on flat floor.

3. To keep high absorbency, wash it by water or use sandpaper to rub it after long-time use.


Take the “rush” out of morning rush with our thoughtfully designed washroom accessories. Compact and smart, our products meet all your storage needs - keeping bathroom essentials dry, tidy and within reach.

Use our diatomaceous bath mat that comes with super-absorbing material to soak up all the moisture and keep your feet dry all the time. Now no need to worry about water formation on your floor, use our absorbing diatomaceous bath mat and keep your home clean and safe.



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