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Your kid’s first drone - 2019 Newest Mini UFO Flying Toys: Tons of fun!

Your kid’s first drone - 2019 Newest Mini UFO Flying Toys: Tons of fun!

Children are the biggest fans of flying objects: paper plane, airplane, kite, UFO, spider-man,sky rocket, and drones of course! They can keep talking about these things for hours and hours.

Can you blame them? Drones are really cool! If your kids have seen you fly yours, there’s absolutely no doubt that they are going to want one too.

It really is worth getting your kids into flying drones from a young age. It can help kids learn something about the technology and mechanics of machines. Plus it will get their butts off the couch and provide an activity you can share with each other.

However, of course, as much as you love your kids and want them to have fun playing with drone, you don't want them to crash yours. Buy them one of their own sounds like a better idea.

There are a whole range of drones at all levels. But when it becomes to kids, you always need to think: Will they hurt themselves? What if they fly it to neighbor's yard? Will they hurt themselves? Will it falls defeated to the floor? To be honest, the fun it brings to your kids would not be as much as the headache you get from your concerns.

Thanks to kid-friendly little drones. They keep kids happy and entertained as much as adult drone flyers! 

We all know that most "drones for kids" aren't always kid-friendly. But this 2018 newest 360° hand-controlled mini UFO drone is absolutely different! It's a marvelous and adventurous stuff, which got exquisite workmanship and extraordinary control way---infrared induction. Perfect for kids ≥3 years old. 

How to play and control?





Throw to fly

Turn it on and toss it up to the air, then it can start to fly automatically. It's really cool!

Wave to control

Use your hands to control it in the air for interactive play.

360° Rotating with LED light

The sensors are at the bottom and rim it to detect obstacles. 

Grab and flip it over to stop it. 


1. Throw to fly. It's really a cool way to start the flying different from most of other flying toys. Turn on and toss the mini UFO drone gently and it flies and hover in the air immediately. 

drone mini UFO birthday gift

2. Easy gesture controlled. With infrared sensing control, you can change it directions and altitudes by hands - it flies in the opposite direction when you move your hands close to it. . The built-in gyroscope can control accuracy and sensitivity to make a balance.  Even if you don't interact with it, it won't fly out of your sight because it is able to auto-landing once battery is low. 

mini drone

3.Hovering and 360° rotating: Four power motor fast rotating to provide power to make itself rotating.

4.Absolutely safe and considerate design: It is made of high-quality environmentally friendly non-toxic ABS material. The wings wrapped by the body is not likely to hurt your kids and is not easily to break or to be deformed. This drone can auto detect obstacles like wall, furniture, babies, and auto leans with 3 infrared induction sensor, safe to play indoor/outdoor. You don't need to supervise young pilots at all times, or to worry about them flying it around your pets, crashing it or flying it to neighborhood. 

mini drone kids flying toy 2019 new birthdaymini drone kids flying toy 2019 new birthday

mini drone kids flying toy 2019 new birthday

5.Durable:  It is very sturdy and will resist damage when it falls. It used high-tech sensors to detect obstacles thus will move away intelligently when it detects a solid object. 

mini ufo drone flying toy 2019 new birthday gift

6. Portable: Weight 30g. Size 110*40mm. You can take it anywhere you want to. Indoor, outdoor, parties etc.

7. Rechargable: Charge with usb.


8. Package list: 1*UFO infrared drone, 1*usd cable, 1*screwdriver, 1*instruction

mini drone kids flying toy 2019 new birthday

This could be a perfect birthday gift for your little ones. After all,who would not want a drone? :)

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