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Wickedbone - World‘s First Smart & Interactive Pet Toy

Wickedbone - World‘s First Smart & Interactive Pet Toy


Dogs love bones, but conventional bones are overrated. They quickly evaporate in a dog’s mouth, and they often cause gastric problems and one big mess, without offering any interaction or playing opportunities. Now meet Wickedbone, a bone-shaped interactive gaming device that performs like a truly smart, fun and excitingly wicked companion of your dog.

We know how it is. Busy days at work and commuting make you feel tired and frustrated… now think about how they make your dog feel... Home alone, bored and frustrated, with nothing else to do but sleep, eat and wait around all day until you come back, late, extra tired, and not with the stamina to give your furry friend the exercise, fun and attention that she needs and deserves… 

With Wickedbone, your dog’s days of all work and no play are over. The fun, entertaining and stimulating exercises that your dog needs are literally one click away from making life a lot easier and much more exciting for the both of you!

You could train your dog to catch moving objects and more importantly, deepen the bonds through the interaction.



Wickedbone is fully intelligent and interactive. 

You see, when your dog runs, Wickedbone runs after it; when your dog chases it, it turns around and runs away; and when your dog ignores it, Wickedbone teases her, so that your dog comes back to the game and touches it, making Wickedbone react in different and very engaging modes. 

 Wickedbone would react to different actions of your dog in the interactive mode.

Wickedbone has been designed to be as safe, soft and strong as you want it and as your dog needs it to be. Made of Polycarbonate, it feels sufficiently soft when your dog catches it with her mouth, or when she touches it with her paws. 

The FDA class material of the body, cover and the tires is certified, safe for humans and pets. The inner part is made of safe PC material, we recommend that you stop using it if the shell is damaged.

At the same time, it is sufficiently strong to resist the normal impact of a dog’s play time, which means that you can count on Wickedbone to be there for you and your dog for a long time. It is also designed for a perfectly safe playing experience – both for you and for your dog.

Pair it with your Bluetooth enabled device, control it through the Wickedbone app (available for iOS and Android), and the game is on.

Wickedbone is also easy to clean: its detachable tires and protecting cover are very easy to take off, thus could be quickly and conveniently cleaned.

Charging Wickedbone is also super-easy, with its Micro USB charging cable. Charged once for 1 hour, Wickedbone lasts over 40 minutes in the drive mode, over 4 hours in the interactive mode and 3 months in sleep mode.

Dog anxiety is no joke. 

Often caused by lack of company, exercise and/or stimulation, anxiety in dogs can become a serious health and even safety problem. Separation anxiety disorder, eating disorders, and excessive licking are common problems. Frustration and the accumulated energy that isn’t used by dogs throughout the day often lead them to chew furniture, bark nervously and excessively whenever they hear any sound, and become overly excited and perhaps even aggressive toward other dogs when the day is over and they finally have a moment with you.

Happily, this can all be easily and smartly prevented by Wickedbone – your dog’s best friend when you’re busy doing something important.

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