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Toilet Sprayer

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  • 【STAINLESS STEEL SPRAYER HEAD】:Only compatible with 7/8" toilet.The HOMEWAY bidet sprayer consists of a 304 stainless steel bidet nozzle, a stainless steel hose and a brass valve Resistant to corrosion and corrosion Better protect your sanitation.
  • 【MULTIPLE USES】:HOMEWAY hand held bidet sprayer is a great suitable for the whole family, especially for anyone with limited mobility due to surgery, arthritis, postpartum or injuries, ideal for elderly adults, can be used as cloth diaper sprayer, bathroom cleaning and even for pet washing.
  • 【360 DEGREE PIVOTING NOZZLE】:WON’T LEAK, SNARL OR TANGLE: Our diaper washer bidet combo has a 360 degree pivoting handle and NO-LEAK SEALS so it’s to keep the water exactly where you direct it – and never where you don’t.
  • 【Easy to Install】:In 10 minutes without professional plumbing help, the holder can be mounted on the toilet or on a wall.When installing this unit be sure that the water supply valve by your toilet is fully turned off and that there is no flow/leak of water before removing any plumbing components from your toilet.
  • 【After-Sale Service】: We provide 2 year quality guarantee. If any problem, please feel free to contact us through Amazon message. We will solve the problem for you within 24 hours.

Details: Warm Tips: Make sure that your toilet tank's water inlet diameter is 7/8" for this set to be installed. We suggest you to turn off the water supply to the sprayer when it is not in use to prolong the lifespan of the sprayer and also to avoid any unwanted accidents.If are not able to do that, adjust the water supply using the T-valve included to a low level (suitable for use as a handheld bidet) so that the water pressure on the hose and sprayer is not that high. How to use? Step 1: Turn Off the Water Supply. Turn off the water supply valve at the wall next to your toilet. Twist it clockwise as far as it will go. Flush the toilet and hold down the handle to completely empty the toilet tank. Step 2: Make sure there is a rubber washer inside both the female ends. Confirm that the flat rubber washer is inside the top of your bidet's T-valve (hint: the top of the T-valve is where the spinning nut is located), and it is pushed all the way down to tighten the connection. Step 3: Connect the T-Valve and the Hoses Screw the top of the T-valve onto the toilet's fill valve where you just unscrewed the water supply hose. Be careful not to over-tighten the connections. Screw the toilet's water supply hose to the bottom of the T-valve. Connect one end of the handheld bidet hose to the side of the T-valve. Screw the bidet sprayer head onto the other end of the bidet hose. Step 4: Turn On the Water Supply & Mount the Sprayer Turn the water supply valve back on. If you notice that any connection is loose or leaking, you may need to add some plumber's tape. If you're leak-free, your hand-held bidet sprayer is installed and ready for use! Toilet Mount: Screw the holder onto the toile

Package Dimensions: 9.4 x 7.0 x 2.1 inches