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abs stimulator

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  • Abs Stimulator&How It Works - In order to help you get in the best shape of your life, our team has designed the ultimate training device: a muscle toner and stimulator that allows you to lose fat and workout your muscles from the comfort of your home. The vibration and micro-current technology, as well as the intelligent adjustment are just the right ingredients in order to get the best product for easy and performant trainings.
  • Easy to Use - Just fix the pads to the position where you want to exercise and adjust levels gradually.
  • Multiple Modes & Intensity Levels - There are 10 modes and 20 intensities available to help muscle growing and fat burning. To avoid sudden stimulation, you may start with a warm up mode at a gentle intensity level, and then select a proper mode at a comfy
  • Noticeable Result after Consistent Use - This Muscle Toner is designed for abdominal /arm /leg /hip /waist muscle training with 20 minutes per time, 1-2 times per day for 6+ weeks. 20-minute using equals to 30 minutes Sit-ups, 2000M Running, 30 minutes SW
  • Ab Stimulator&Safety In Everything - With the stimulating belt, you never have to worry about safety since not only do you not need a professional trainer to use it, but it is harmless for everybody. The 2020 new technology provides with vibrations that work your muscles and help you get in the shape you want in no time.

Details: Best gifts for men and women!Ab stimulator will let you have a perfect and healthy body ! ! ! HOW TO USE ►Power on: keep pressing the button “+” ►Adjust the intensity level: every time you press the button “+” to increase to a higher level. Contrarily, press “-” to minimum the intensity ►Power off: keep pressing the button “-” MAINTENANCE OF HYDROGEL PADS To prevent the adhesive surface of hydrogel pads from being affected by dirt, please follow the steps listed below to maintain. ►Please dip your fingertips into water and use some water drops to wipe the adhesive surfaces lightly to remove dirt. ►After the hydrogel pads are drained, place them in an airy place to dry, with adhesive surface facing up. ►Dry the hydrogel pads until there is no water left on the surface and then attach them back to the storage sheet. ATTENTION ►During pregnancy or shortly after delivery. NOTE ⒈Just stick the pads into your body (abdomen, arms, thighs) then the fitness machine will help you to strengthen your muscles to build a strong and healthy body. ⒉If there is any problem with the product, please contact us at any time, and we will reply you immediately. We ensure 100% Free Exchange that if the product is faulty

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