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arch support insert for sandal

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Color: Brown


  • Provide perfect cushioning for your arch and relieve pain, improve your gait and bring ease to your walking and running, made wearing flat shoes like sandals or flip flops more comfortable
  • Relieve arch pain & Take the pressure off of the arch in your shoes - make a real difference in your arch of wearing heels and all kinds of shoes
  • Natural material less visible surface instead of plastic or silicone, absorb moisture from sweaty feet and anti-skid, self-adhesive pads provide cushioning right where you need it
  • Simple move to make your shoes much more comfortable - Clean the shoe, remove the adhesive cover from the insert, place them along the inside edge of your shoes (right below your arch) and press firmly
  • Super sticky material at the bottom to keep the product in place. Moderate thickness & softness, no crowding in your shoes, easy to apply and stay in place

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 4.0 x 2.0 inches