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bunion corrector

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  • 👉 Value Bunion Corrector Kits: Including 2 Pairs of Bunion Corrector -- The bunion sleeves are designed to be worn underneath shoes, which is quite suitable for day use; The bunion splints have hinges and velcro straps that allow the foot to move, is fit for night use. One size fits most.
  • 👉 Bunion Pain Relief: The bunion sleeves are elastic enough to cover a large area aroung the bunion joint.They exert gentle pressure on the affected area without compressing it. The bunion splints apply a 3-point pressure system torelieve the hallux valgus deformity and correct the big toes to its naturalalignment. Ease big toe pain and soothe your sore feet at night.
  • 👉 Safe & Durable: The bunion protector sleeves are made of medical grade silicone and elastic breathable spandex. The toe splints are made from comfortable and adjustable velcro bands and plastic claps. All parts of this set are durable, portable and easy to clean.
  • 👉 Easy to Use: The compression sock pads are lightweight and comfortable to wear, can be used at night and in everyday activity, with any type of shoe. A bunion corrector splint has hinges and velcro straps that allow the foot to move. At the same time, it supports the foot’s arches to align it to its natural position.
  • 👉 Prevent Bunion Getting Worse: The easiest way to subdue the pain caused by bunions is by using bunion correctors. Bunion correctors are the ultimate go-to products for anyone who wants to relief the pain naturally. 18-month warranty.

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Details: A bunion (hallux valgus) is a bony protrusion that forms most often in the joint at the base of the big toe. The big toe joint enlarges and forces the toe to point back toward the other toes, encroaching on them and sometimes overlapping them. This abnormal positioning puts pressure on the big toe joint, causing it to grow outward beyond the normal profile of the foot, resulting in pain and fitting difficulties in normal footwear. Bunions can also occur in the fifth toe joint (the little toe). In this location they are called “tailor’s bunions” or “bunionettes.” MudunHealth bunion corrector kit can help you relieve the pain from such a bunion issus without creating pressure or discomfort. Benefits 🔗 Helps reduce bunion pain and formation 🔗 Realigns toes to their natural position 🔗 Can relieve pain and discomfort 🔗 Durable design How It Works ✨ Exercise straps realign toes ✨ Gel separators revert toes to their natural alignment ✨ Silicone shield relief to the big toe area ✨ Bunion splint helps guide toes to a natural position How to Wear the Bunion Splints: ▶ Release the Velcro strap and apply it on the big toe. ▶ Draw the Velcro beneath of the foot and across the foot dorsum, make the Velcro pass through the slit of the plastic claps. ▶ Tighten the Velcro and secure it until the big toes appears to the correctly positioned. Warming Tips ❤ The first time you use it you may feel a little uncomfortable so we recommend to wear them for 5 minutes and then increase 5 minutes per session so the pads adapt to the feet. ❤ Hand washes with soap and water. If it becomes sticky after cleaning, you can add some baby powder on the gel. ❤ Air-dry naturally (no sun) or by paper."

Package Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.5 x 0.8 inches