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Fermentation Lids

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  • Package Includes: 6 set fermentation kit, including 6 Stainless steel(18/8) wide mouth lids with silicone rings, 6 BPA free water airlocks, 24 silicone grommets(Jars Not Included)
  • Safe Material: The grommets and silicone rings are made of food grade silicone, safety and reusable. The 3-piece airlocks are made of BPA free plastic, the lids fit Ball, Kerr and Branded wide mouth jars from 4oz to 64oz perfectly
  • 100% Air Tight: The silicon rings make lids airtight, the airlock can release the fermentation gas, effectively prevent oxygen from entering the jar to contaminate the ferments
  • Easy to Use: Easy to assemble all the parts, insert airlock into lid hole, then screw lid on your jar, add half of water to the airlock. After fermentation, take off the airlock, close the silicone cap. Perfect for fermenting your own safe-to-eat and delicious sauerkraut, kimchee, pickles and other pro-biotic and flavor-packed fermented veggies
  • Easy to Clean: The 3 piece airlock can be disassembled, and with a small brush completely cleaned. It can soak in bleach water to disinfect(Warning--DO NOT sterilizing the plastic airlocks with boiling water)

Details: Want to make your own sauerkraut, kimchee, pickles and other pro-biotic and flavor-packed fermented veggies? The Fermentation Creation Kit makes it easy with one complete package that's sized just for the home cook. Package Includes: 6 BPA free water airlocks 6 Stainless steel (18/8) Wide mouth Lids with Silicone Rings 24 Silicone Grommets (Jars not included)

Package Dimensions: 9.6 x 7.8 x 3.4 inches