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mason jar lids

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Color: Silver


  • 16 Pack: 8 wide mouth & 8 regular mouth mason jar lids, two size and 16 pack can giving you plenty to be able to use for all your jars.(These Mason Jar lids are not for canning)
  • Air Tight And Leak Free: These great Mason Jar lids come with a plastisol seal keeping your Mason Jar securely sealed
  • Perfect for keeping food, grains, dressings, drinks fresh for use. A very sleek metal and reusable mason lids.
  • Safety & Eco-friendly: BPA free - Temperature tolerance up to 240 ℉, mason jar lids is a degradable material and will not pollute the environment.
  • 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE: If you're not completely satisfied simply or lids don't fit your jars, please contact us and we will offer a prompt full refund or replacement.

Details: Chances are, you have no shortage of Mason jars in your kitchen.   Whether you use them as drinking glasses, containers to tote layered   salads to work, pantry organizers, or whatever else,   you have a ton of Mason jars and those two-piece lids all over the place, right?   We thought so. Turns out, though, you’re missing one key thing.   Those hard-to-corral lids that come with your jars are fine for canning   In fact, they’re meant for canning!   But you need another kind of lid for all the other times you’d use your Mason jars.   That other kind of lid you’re missing?   It’s a simple lid that combines the top and band into one piece. You know, like a normal jar lid.   GUMBALL 16 pack mason lids will give you a best choice     8 wide mouth & 8 regular mouth mason jar lids can meet your needs. Wide Mouth Canning Lids Size: 3.54"/9CM Regular Mouth Canning Lids Size: 2.75"/7CM

Package Dimensions: 5.8 x 3.6 x 3.6 inches