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Multi-functional Stainless Steel herbs cutter 5 Layers Scissors

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So you’ve got a beautiful basil plant with leaves ripe for the picking.

After you’ve picked the cream of the crop, you’re faced with the arduous task of pulling the leaves apart by hand, smashing them with a kitchen knife, or slicing them with typical kitchen scissors.

No longer.

With multipurpose, stainless steel herb scissors, you can do those prime herbs justice and keep them as fresh as possible for your hungry guests.

Just a few quick snips, and you’ll create the ultimate herb infusion or refreshingly delicious garnish.

No need to pound away with a knife and leave most of the flavor on the cutting board.

With 5 blades on both ends, you can quickly cut up your favorite flavor adding fresh herbs with a breeze. 

All you need is capable hands why waste time pulling out the blender/chopper for a small amount of ingredients to spice up the meal when you can use that time on something else, not to mention clean up. 

This wonderful little handy tool comes with a cleaning tool for your convenience or can be thrown directly in the dishwasher. 

Stop limiting your taste buds and add some fresh herbs that will not only enhance the flavor of your meal but you will benefit from the health benefits that they are known to provide. 

If you are having friends and family over, make them some of your homemade dip. I'm sure they would enjoy a simple mixture of sour cream and chives. 

You can quickly cut up the chives in small pieces right into the sour cream without having to pull out the cutting board and knife. 

  • Time-Saver and Effortless: Stainless steel 5-blade kitchen scissors can cut out more than once, saving the time to prepare for the meal
  • High quality: High quality stainless steel blade-Sharp -No Rust-Durable.
  • Double anti-skid handle and Ergonomic handle:Handle with grade PP material, Durable-the outer layer of high hardness plastic,Comfortable & Grasp-the inner use of soft non slip material.
  • Easy to Clean:The Herb scissors with a clean comb, just use the clean comb combing the scissor and then rinse with water.
  • Multi-purpose:For chopped scallion, seaweed and other ingredients , chopped food for baby.
  • Certification: CIQ,CE / EU
  • Size: Approx. 19 x 7 x 1.5cm 
  • Net Weight: 121g