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neti pot

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  • 💧Neti pot is designed according to the internal physiological structure of human nasal cavity, Irrigating nasal passages and sinuses rinses out mucus and various irritants.
  • 💧Water mist nasal wash, not easy to damage the nasal mucosa, more suitable for children.
  • 💧Sinus rinses give users relief from various nasal symptoms, such as a runny nose or a post-nasal drip. It is suitable for those suffering from allergies and other sinus problems.
  • 💧Easy to use and fit for everyone - our TWO different attachments guarantee a pleasant rinse - regardless of the size of the nose: ideal design for adults or children.
  • 💧The sinus rinse spray accessories Accessories is reusable, please clean it after each use.

Package Dimensions: 11.3 x 7.4 x 2.6 inches