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Propane Torch

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  • BTU Rating: 500,000 btu. heats-up to over 3000° F with ease。
  • Piezo electric ignition for safe, This weed torch comes with a valve seal ring manufactured in Germany and a 6.5 FT hose WORKING PSI: 350 lbs. Fitted with a 7/8"-14 TPI, left hand male propane bottle connection with a steel tip diameter of 2 3/8”.
  • Brass valve construction and valve. The wand comes with a flow valve and turbo-blast trigger to adjust flame size. Brass valve construction and valve spool designed for use with standard size propane tanks. (tank not included)
  • -Wide Use: Ideal for burning weeds, melting ice and snow, barbecue, heating pipes, heating asphalt, heating roof work, processing meat (depilation), removing paint from non-flammable surfaces, maintenancing communication cable, drying wooden boat (maintenance), processing wood, repairing jewelry (welding), treatmenting the surface of granite and more.
  • ergonomically designed grip:: Deluxe handle(Blue or black) for increased comfort in use; We offer 1 year warranty ,and 24 hours service

Details: Product Descriptions: Type: Propane Torches Material: stainless steel Color: black Nozzle Diameter: 50mm Full Length: 665mm Gun Length: 455mm Nozzle Length: 100mm Handle Length: 110mm Surface Treatment: Electroplating polishing Working Pressure: 0.1MPa Trachea Interface Diameter: 10mm Feature: - It is made of stainless steel barrel, gun head and copper valve, which is not easy to damage. - The surface of the product is electroplated and polished, which is beautiful in appearance and difficult to rust. - The single switch is easy to use, compact and easy to carry. - The interface metal material is firmly connected and the pressure is strong. - It can reach a high temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, no pollution, and stable performance. - Use for a long time, not easy to rust. - With plastic handle, the use of more secure. Note: - Found that the burner burns, damaged, aging should be replaced immediately. - When used to leave the liquefied gas cylinders 2 meters away. - Always check the parts and keep them sealed. - Checking:connect the gun parts, connect the liquefied gas cylinder interface, close the gun switch, release the liquefied gas cylinder valve, check whether the leak. - Ignition: loosen the gun switch slightly and direct it at the nozzle to adjust the gun switch to the desired temperature. - Off: first close the liquefied gas cylinder valve, wait until the flame and then turn off the switch, leaving no residual liquid in the tube. Package Weight: 1150g Package Dimensions (L*W*H): 710*132*72 MM / 28*5.2*2.83 Inches Retail Packaging: Yes, General Box Package Including: 1 x Torch Welding Gun 1 x Gas Pipe 1x description

Package Dimensions: 28.0 x 5.2 x 3.0 inches