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seat cushion

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  • [seat cushion Size guarantee] size 17 X 17 X 1.8 inch,approximately 1080g in weight. including one-year quality guarantee, we also provide after sales service, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we will reply your message within 12 hours.
  • [seat cushion Good breathability and durability] The gel seat cushion adopts a honeycomb structure, it can circulate air, so it has good breathability, Heat-resistant design, keeps your cushion cool all day long,it returns to its original shape immediately after squeezing and stretcheing, and it is superior in durability to ordinary cushions.
  • [seat cushion Pose Correction] Using high-elastic gel thermostat material made in Japan, it effectively eliminates hip pressure and relieves sciatica, pressure sores, pelvic problems, back pain and other problems caused by improper sitting posture.
  • [seat cushion Use target] it is a portable seat cushion, It can be used in various places such as home dining chairs and office chairs, driver's seats, wheelchairs and pregnant women's cars,Or it can be used as a back cushion to place the cushion on the back of the chair.
  • [ seat cushion washable cushion ] The cushion is easy to clean, With a non-slip on the back, it is stably fixed in any place, and it is difficult to slip off.and a seat cushion set with 2000 magnets as a gift.

Details: Why do you choose this health gel seat cushion?   Convenience and portability   Providing cool and comfortable seat anywhere,  gel seat cushion is lightweight and easy to fold. the gel seat cushion Covered with a breathable mesh, and a nonslip base, it can provide secure seating on any surface.   Benefits   Gel seat cushion provides comfort to any chair, seat or bench. The non-liquid gel seat cushion gently contours to the body, relieving painful pressure points and provides effective support for coccyx issues, lumbar strain, sciatica, and degenerative disc disorders.   Better durability than ordinary health cushions   This health cushion has a honeycomb design, so it does not change shape at all even if it is used for a long time, and does not sink even when sitting down.   Nonslip Washable Cover:   The removable mesh cover has a non-slip PVC base to prevent the cushion from sliding. Conveniently washable, the zippered cover is also breathable to prevent heat buildup.   Scope of application   Elderly people   Because of age, the fat and muscles in the buttocks are gone, and the hard chair seems to have pain.   Driver   If I drive for a long time, my back will hurt.    Pregnant   I want to relieve the pain caused by my waist .    office worker   When I was sitting in my office chair for a long time, I was bothered by the pain in my buttocks.    Present   Recommended as a gift for holidays, birthdays and honorable days to your own family and friends.   Product Specifications:     Weight: 1050g   Cushion material: gel TPE  

Package Dimensions: 18.6 x 18.0 x 1.9 inches