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Toenail clippers

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Color: Black


  • 【4-in-1 Large nail clippers set】1 X podiatrist toenail clippers + 1 X 16mm wide jaw opening nail clippers + 1 X nail polish file + 1 X Ingrown toenail lifter.With stainless steel tin box packaging.Each nail kit are made of 100% heavy duty stainless steel for no rust,sharp and sturdy.
  • 【Upgrade Toenail Clippers】 ABS handle is more ergonomic. takes less hand force to cut all size nails. comfortable and labor-saving. 25°curved blade can precisely trim ingrown nails or thick nails without hurt. Double springs can be used for longer service.including ingrown toenail, thick toenail, hard nail, grey nail, grooved nail etc. The sharp curved blade edge like eagle mouth fits the nail arc closely, is good at deeping into the nail groove to trim ingrown toenails.
  • 【Wide Jaw Opening Nail Clippers】16mm wide jaw opening nail clippers for thick nails suitable for thick fingernails and toenails.Unique low lever and curved edge design is reinforced for extra strength , The sharp blades cut smoothly and no more tearing or jagged nails.The circular magnet on the tail that humanized design is more intimate, which can absorb the shrapnel and fix the sharp jaws, simple and safe.
  • 【Professional Nails file and Ingrown toenail lifter】Nails file tools made of 420 stainless stell ,sides textures to file nails easily to make your nail finer,more closely scored for smooth results..Ingrown toenail lifter – Lift ingrown part away from the skin. Not only a lifter, also an amazing nail cleaner. Double curved ends are mirrors for both left and right foot. With little spoons on it curved end’s that make it gets under even the closest toe nail to grab even the smallest bits of debris.
  • 【As ideal gifts】 our toenail tool kits are suitable for kinds of nail types, fit for women, men and elderly, you can prepare them for your friends, parents, grandparents, relatives, colleagues and others as practical gifts, share life convenience with them, giving them nice trimming and shaping nail styles.

Package Dimensions: 2.0 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches