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toys for 3 year old boys ink pad

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  • 【Enough Ink】We added eight additional bottles of ink, which allows the palm ink to last long enough. And as long as the lid of the ink pad is covered every time the ink is used up, the ink can be kept for a long time without drying.
  • 【Larger Size】This ink pad has a large enough size and is suitable for children aged 3-12 to use. Children can use their palms to freely create the pictures they want.
  • 【Safe and Easy to Clean】 The general ink pad will have an unpleasant smell when used. Our ink pad has increased the density of the sponge pad and added an internal sealing film to address this pain point, so that the smell is greatly reduced to almost no. At the same time, it is also very easy to clean, whether it is put on clothes or hands, it can be easily washed with water or soapy water.
  • 【Educational Implication】Ink pad can fully stimulate children's drawing talents and awaken children's creativity. They can use ink pad to freely outline what they want, and then doodle on paper or wall to release their talents.
  • 【Best Gifts for Kids】 It’s a good gift. Make handbooks, various stamps, signatures, festivals, greeting cards, hand and foot prints. Because its size is relatively large, parents also can sometimes play with the children and complete a masterpiece together. , Increase interaction and companionship with children.