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Wine Air Pressure Pump Bottle Opener

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Color: Red


  • 【Efficient Air Pump Wine Opener】: The Upgrade bottle opener 7S to remove the cork, opening the bottle faster and labor-saving, specially designed for women and the elderly. No need to pull and twist, just slide the needle in, pull it out a few times, and the cork comes out. Eliminate cork damage.
  • 【Cleanly Removes Any Cork】: Compared with traditional corkscrews, The wine air pressure pump corkscrew can cleanly remove natural and artificial cork stoppers to prevent cork stoppers from contaminating the wine. Featuring a sharp, metal needle, the wine air opener neatly slides into the center of the cork for easy and complete removal.
  • 【Safe & Portable】: Unlike most wine openers on the market, this bottle opener uses an assembleable design,after use, the needle can be retracted into the inside of the corkscrew, without being exposed to the outside,to avoid accidental injury to children. You can take wherever you go for travel due to weightlight and small.No power needed,so open anywhere while camping or traveling.
  • 【Compatible with Most Wine Bottles】: The appearance of aluminum alloy, the perfect color matching of black and red, both beautiful and fashionable, specially designed for the opening of precious red wine.Compatible with all wine bottles, making it a great addition to the home bar of casual consumers and wine enthusiasts.